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Following 1600 Tumblr blogs!

Hey y’all,

Today I surpassed 1600 Tumblr blogs that I’m following, and I encourage all my readers to check out these exciting blogs!  They represent what I think makes Tumblr so great — for me, at least: the wealth of high-quality, jaw-dropping, cock-raising beautiful women and a few handsome guys…  Mostly I follow blogs that focus on the female form, but I am also interested to see the incredible penises that show up time to time.  I avoid the moving gifs and videos, as I find them distracting when I’m trying to look at still photos.  Not that I have any objection to video but they chew up bandwidth and require a lot more time to watch and decide if they’re worth my while. And sadly there’s a lot of video on Tumblr (as there are stills) that are NOT worth my time.  So I favor stills, and there’s plenty to choose from.

I’m avoiding re-blogging but focusing instead on ‘liking’ individual photos on the blogs I follow.  There are several reasons for that, one of those being speed.  I suggest you look at my ‘likes’ to see examples of the images that get my penis hard.  I’d be happy to hear your thoughts.  Feel free to send me your sexual fantasies, too.  It turns me on to read them!  And if you have some juicy photos to share, send ‘em along.  I will be happy to share them if you wish or just keep them for my own private wank-stash.  And I assure you, they will get a good wanking!

So lean back, loosen your clothing and start scrolling along with me!  May I suggest, in case you haven’t tried it, that when you check out a blog that you visit the archive early on to get a good overview of the kind of material that’s available there.  It saves a lot of time to get a sense of whether the blogger shares your ideas of sexiness and beauty.  And it provides the quickest access overall to any of the material with minimal scrolling.

Happy wankfest, friends!  Get in touch and share your stories!  I’ll post some of my own for your enjoyment, too… 

“It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.”
— Confucius
Following your tumblr logs!

I’m now following more than 1,000 of my fellow tumblr bloggers!  Please check them out, as I have chosen these for their postings of high-quality erotic photography.  My preference is strongly for photos of attractive, naked young women and couples, but I also include a number of bloggers who feature older women and men.  I don’t usually find close-ups of cumshots and genitalia appealing nor do I consider sadism or extreme bondage erotic, but you will occasionally see such images on those pages, interspersed with the material that does excite me.

I also encourage my readers to look through my “liked” images, as you will quickly see the kind of imagery that makes my penis grow to its fully erect six inches.  I invite readers to share your stories and reaction to my postings of erotic art and my liked photos of porn and erotica.  I’d love to hear from you!